Over few years I helped Alžběta with several animated movies and project, helping with screenplays, after effects compositing, editing, camera movement etc.. Working with Alžběta was a great experience.
"Mám doma kočku" is animated music video for Czech music producer Pokáč. It reached more than 7 mil. views in youtube. It was directed and animated by Alžběta Göbelová and I was the editor and also helping her with script and compositing.

Mám doma kočku. Director and animation / Alžběta Göbelová - Edit / Martin Kubalec

Duchařina is a lovely short animated movie made by her. Fictional documentary about a Ghost, who is struggling with his identity and trying the find a cause of his own dead. We wrote script together and I also edited the move as well as participated in compositing and other stages of production.

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